How to Calm Your Horse

Many horse trainers have voiced how important it is to understand a horse’s language. If you know how to communicate with them, you are able to calm them down when they feel uncomfortable. When training a horse, you should be able to calm your horse whenever needed.

Horses sometimes get frightened and the way in which an owner calms a frightened horse is amazing. Some people wonder what it is exactly they did that was so effective. It could be the words spoken or it could be the tone of voice. In reality, both elements work together.

As a horse owner and trainer, you need to know how to handle them properly. You should apply a pleasant, gentle and soothing tone of voice. Imagine calming your voice but with an intimidating tone. You will be unable to relax your voice and will only succeed in frightening your horse more.

The words that you use may not mean anything to the horse in terms of definition but with the combination of consistent training and using certain words, you can have an effect. Those words can bear an association with quieting down and safety.

Also, the rhythm and repetition of how you say the words can communicate with the horse in a way that music or poetry communicates to people.

When a horse is frightened or excited, it can create a dangerous, and even life-threatening, situation. If you can calm your horse, you will enjoy a fun and safe experience with no severe accidents. Many of the techniques employed by some horse trainers are the ‘head down’ and ’300 Peck Pigeon’. How long the technique lasts for is also important. A further method of calming a horse is to move its head towards the side. Once the neck has been stretched, the horse is relieved of tension. However, you should remain cautious when executing this particular technique as it can have a bad effect; the horse could view you as a predator wishing to take him down. So apply extra caution and avoid using too much force.

If you are unsuccessful at calming your horse using techniques such as those above, there are horse calmers on the market which can succeed in settling down your animal. And for calming your other pets you can use Zylkene and/or Feliway.

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